Schwarze Vase aus Keramik, 23xø15

Hohe Tonvase aus Tunesien mit traumschöner Glasur. 
Maße: Höhe 23 cm, Durchmesser 15 cm
Material: Keramik
Herkunftsland: Tunesien
Nicht mit Flüssigkeiten befüllen.

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Produktnummer: HOM-3-05-04
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Tall clay vase from Tunisia with a dreamlike glaze

Handcrafted black ceramics vase. This beautiful ceramic sis potted in Sejnane/ Tunisia according to traditional methods.The processing of the pottery is very rustic, which reinforces the charm and character of these unique pieces. Cracks in the glaze, unevenness or not quite straight objects belong to it. Each item may slightly vary in form, size and color!
In November 2018 Sejnane pottery became part of UNESCO’s list of the intangible cultural heritage. For decoration only. Do not fill with liquids.
Hight 23 cm, diameter 15 cm